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Component Change Out

Give your equipment a new lease of life through us

Have you considered the most cost-effective solution for your maintenance needs? Replacing core components can help get your equipment back to production quickly.

With our teams of adept component experts, our workshops specialize in heavy equipment repairs for civil and mining companies across Western Africa.

Component Rebuilds

Our major component change-out program is perfect for your next comprehensive machine rebuild. Services include detailed strip down, crack testing, failure analysis, and refit kits. We welcome clients to drop by the workshop to chat directly with our specialists and stay across the job by joining us as we conduct a strip down report.

We go as far as offering night-shift services so you can meet your deadlines. Whether you require specific equipment repairs, engine reconditioning or a full overhaul, our highly skilled tradespeople can ensure top quality work and a fast turnaround

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RES team will provide effective and professional maintenance service of your fleet, providing professional advice and labor to keep your equipment running efficiently.

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