5 Fuel-saving Tips for Heavy Equipment – Pt.1

Discovering and fixing the areas where the most fuel is wasted when operating any brand of heavy equipment can help you save money on ownership and operation (O&O) costs.

Fuel-saving tips

  1. Fuel Storage: Minimize evaporation. If possible, keep storage tanks shaded. White or aluminum-painted storage tanks have less evaporation than red tanks.
  2. Recommended Fuel Grade: Use the recommended fuel grade based on the weather circumstances.
  3. Job Layout: Plan your job site travel patterns to minimize idling and turns.
  4. GEAR UP, THROTTLE DOWN. Choose the gear that achieves the necessary ground speed at a lower engine rpm without overloading. According to studies, fuel efficiency ranges between 5 and 15% at 75% power and 15 to 30% at 50% power.
  5. Size Machine For Job: Too much or too little horsepower can significantly reduce fuel efficiency. At RES Group – AFRICA, we strive to assist you in selecting the best machine for the work at hand.
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